Sheela S.

Love, love, love! Inspires me to be creative and to follow thru on my projects. Thank you! 

Diane W.

Just wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Rebecca. Through the years I have watched you transform homes and change lives. Thank you so much for your love of people, your time, and energy. My takeaways so far are Be Intentional! This is something I have not been in my quest for cozy, calm, and cohesiveness.


I'm on a sub-dime budget but I still get motivated to beautify my world in my own way... thank you for that!

design a home as unique as

Finding your unique interior design style is essential to creating a cohesive home.  Being able to use textures, fabrics, and colors together with balance is what creates that "WOW" in a home.  Let's create your wow moment!

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