i'm Rebecca

While members of my flagship interior-design education, The Design Sessions, will know I am a "do-it-all" kind of person, there is so much that goes into why I have the eye for design that I do and what drives my passion to help you.

I'VE SPENT 30+ YEARS DESIGNING FOR HIGH-END CLIENTS and now I've shifted my career to focusing on you.


The funny thing is that if you knew my earlier career it was marked by a fake-it-until-you-make-it mentality.  Then the next thing I knew - I had been making it for awhile!  I like to think that the two most important things in my success are my natural eye for design and my unwillingness to settle.

designer is by far my most noteworthy title 

the cliff house

the beach house

del mar

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One year my son, Jimmy, had learned to wrap beautifully decorated Christmas presents from this thing called "YouTube" and it was at that moment that I knew I had a lot to add on the subject matter.  Fast forward a few years and my Christmas designs have brought millions viewers to my channel.  And turns out... I actually like this video thing!

The career I never knew
I would love

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I can remember my mother taking a shoe-string budget and finding a way to make our home, every holiday, and every memory comfortable and meaningful.  She taught me her tips and tricks and I eventually expounded on them in my own home.  Then through my interior design practice I gained hands-on knowledge in a short amount of time.  Now that I have a system of design principles that are tried and true I can teach you how to transform your home no matter your budget.

I believe you deserve to love your home

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In recent years, my time on the internet has gained me a new title.  I don't think I'm anything like your typical "influencer".  But as it turns out, when you share any aspect of your life online this is just one of those titles that gets handed to you.  What do you think?! Have I influenced you in anyway?  Shoot me an email - I'd love to hear your take!

I'm not sure I even know what 'influencer' means

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moved to tulsa


completed the cliff house project

By far the biggest project of my career, spanning a whopping 4 years. 


1 Million Subscribers

I had no idea that I would meet so many people from all over the world through posting videos on YouTube, but it is something that I'm grateful for!


started youtube

It all began with Christmas tutorials on how to wrap a present and tie a bow.... a week after Christmas. The timing wasn't perfect, but it was the start!


Another big change in my life was when I relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma and made the shift to focus my design ability to helping those who had been asking for it for years - my online followers and friends.


Another up-level to the types of projects I took on was my first project with a $million+ budget. Now things are beginning to get VERY fun!


first construction projects

Many homes in our neighborhood were lost to a fire and this became the first time I dealt with construction - opening up an ENTIRELY new world of possibilities in design, including SketchUp!


bought first home

While I had been furnishing and accessorizing our rentals with garage sale fix-ups for years, I finally got to really invest into family's residence.  This was a huge milestone for our family but also for me!


I threw myself into the deep-end with my first client.  I felt a little bit like an imposter, but all the while exceeding my own expectations with what I was capable of.  Every job became another step towards the career and experience I have today. 

First design client

From getting married, my first job as a flight attendant, and starting my beautiful family... these years are filled with incredibly fond memories.

chapter one


My first solo!  This might just be the thing that started my comfortability in the limelight.  What can I say? I could sing!

where it all began

4 yr

It's been quite a journey

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